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What are the different types of emergency lighting?

Fire safety legislation in the UK states that in an emergency fire situation, people occupying a building must be able to find their way to a safe place via escape routes and therefore must has sufficient illumination. It is therefore imperative that quality and fully-working emergency lighting is installed in a building so it conforms to safety regulations and legislation and provides a safe exit route should a fire break out.

Complete Fire Solutions, an emergency lighting service Bradford, businesses and building owners turn to for their emergency lighting solutions, has a look at the different types of emergency lighting.

Emergency escape lighting

Emergency escape lighting provides ample light to help people leave a building safely or to provide enough illumination to attempt to end a potential dangerous process.

Standby lighting

Standby lighting is part of an emergency lighting system, designed to ensure normal activities can continue should mains lighting fail.

Escape route lighting

Escape route lighting is also part of an emergency lighting system, and is used to light up escape routes so they can be located with ease and effectively used to help people escape from a building in an emergency.

Open area lighting

Open area lighting is designed to help minimise panic in an emergency situation by ensuring there is sufficient lighting in an area to enable occupants safely reach an escape route.

High risk task area lighting

Another feature of emergency escape lighting, high risk task area lighting provides sufficient lighting for the correct shut-down processes of a building if a fire occurs and for the occupants to be able to leave the premises safely.

In order to adequately educate yourself on how to properly maintain emergency lighting equipment, take a look at the emergency lighting maintenance manual of Complete Fire Solutions’, the emergency lighting service Bradford residents and business owners can rely on.

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