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The Role of Emergency Lighting in Fire Safety

Fire safety is imperative in both residential and professional contexts; the Fire and Rescue Services in Great Britain attended 212,500 fires in 2013-14.

When things don’t go as planned, it’s crucial to have provisions in place to avoid damage to property, injury, or even loss of life. Having a properly designed and installed emergency lighting service Manchester is not only enforceable by law in the workplace, it’s a key part of fire and, emergency safety.

What is emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting is the system of lights and illumination that automatically activates when the normal or primary lighting systems fails.

By incorporating these elements into a carefully designed emergency lighting service Manchester residents, and people nationwide, can be protected from the danger brought on by sudden and risk-provoking circumstances.

Why is it important?

When an emergency situation occurs, the main lights can often fail, leaving people stranded in the dark, panicking and unable to see how to reach safety or deal with risk. The risk of injury is, drastically increased in the absence of light, as people collide with objects and each other, trip over unseen obstacles, and are unable to exit the building.

How is it used for fire safety?

Complete Fire Solutions offer a professional and reliable emergency lighting service Manchester which covers all the essentials and can be tailored to individual circumstances.

Their design process is as follows:

1. Clear lighting at key points on the exit route is crucial for a calm and safe evacuation of a building in an emergency situation. Changes of level and direction, exit and emergency escape routes, staircases and safety points are a few of the most important features here.

2. The maximum viewing distance must be calculated and verified for each light to make sure that the system as a whole provides proper guidance.

3. Non escape route areas like toilets, plant rooms and lift cars must be provided with suitable illumination to allow safe evacuation.

4. The proper brightness of lights must be selected so the markers can be seen clearly.

5. Any open areas which form part of the escape route must be illuminated to prevent injury from panic and confusion.

6. Parts of the building that could represent an increase in danger to the workers must be evaluated and dealt with accordingly.

For a complete emergency lighting service Manchester and beyond, contact Complete Fire Solutions. Supplying and installing a wide range of emergency light fittings, CFS can cater for every emergency lighting situation.

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