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Choosing between maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting servicing Pontefract

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement for all UK private businesses and public-accessible buildings such as libraries and museums. The main emergency lighting systems used in commercial properties are maintained and non-maintained.

Companies in Pontefract often rely on Complete Fire Solutions for Emergency lighting servicing Pontefract in numerous diverse business premises and public buildings. Complete Fire Solutions highly-skilled team advise organisations in choosing the best system for the layout of their property.

Non-maintained Emergency Lighting

Emergency exit routes need to be illuminated in the event of a power failure. Non-maintained emergency lighting is designed to turn on at the point of a power cut to minimise the commotion that can be caused if a premise suddenly finds itself in darkness due to a power outage.

Non-maintained emergency lighting is connected to the premises’ lighting circuitry and is mainly used in offices and factories where staff are likely to be familiar with the locations of the emergency exits.

Maintained emergency lighting

A great advantage of maintained emergency lighting is that it is permanently illuminated at a low level of lighting at all times. This is especially useful for patrons to be able to see the exit routes in darkened arenas such as cinemas, discotheques and theatres.

Complete Fire Solutions are a leading firm of experts who provide top-class Emergency lighting servicing Pontefract. Firms and organisations often rely on their expertise to ensure that their business has the correct emergency lighting service fitted to suite the layout of their property.

Complying with UK legislation

There are several legal requirements that must be adhered to when choosing and fitting emergency lighting at your business premises:

Compliance to British Standard regulation BS 5266-1 is required by Building Regulations.

Fire Safety Order 2005 denotes that emergency lighting signs to comply with BS 5266-1 and BS EN 60598-2- 22 regulations.

Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) regulations 1996 require all premises to have clear emergency exit signs to highlight where the emergency exit routes and doorways are located.

Complete Fire Solutions offer exceptional Emergency lighting servicing Pontefract. Business premises are regularly assessed by their experienced team, ensuring that companies are fully compliant with the latest UK legislation.

Contact the highly-experienced and friendly team at Complete Fire Solutions for all your Emergency lighting servicing Manchester requirements.

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