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How emergency lighting systems work

Emergency lighting is light that kicks in during an emergency situation when the main power supply of a building is cut off and the normal lighting fails. Complete Fire Solutions, experts in emergency lighting servicing Sheffield businesses can rely on, explores how emergency lighting systems work.

In the emergency of a fire breaking out, it is not uncommon for a power cut to occur and lighting supplies to fail. With a building being plunged into darkness, panic is heightened and it becomes more difficult for people to leave the building safely and for emergency services to rescue occupants of the building.

Emergency lighting is required in order to light a building sufficiently should an emergency occur so that occupants are able to evacuate the premises safely.

It is now a legal requirement for most new buildings to have emergency lighting installed during their construction stage.

Emergency lighting can essentially be divided into several different categories, all of which provide illumination in a building if an emergency occurred and the main lighting failed. These categories include, emergency escape lighting, standby lighting, escape route lighting, open area lighting and high risk task area lighting.

Complete Fire Solutions, emergency lighting servicing Sheffield building owners use to help with the installation and maintenance of emergency lighting, inform that in accordance with the Regulatory reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, emergency lighting should be installed and maintained to BS5266 2011. According to these regulations, emergency lighting should switch on automatically in the event of lighting failure to help avoid panic and to help avoid hazards occurring in an area designed for working.

If you require the installation or maintenance of emergency lighting, get in contact with Complete Fire Solutions, emergency lighting servicing Sheffield business owners can rely on for all their fire protection equipment solutions.

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