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Fire Alarm Maintenance Leeds: Why, When and How

Fire alarm systems are built to be robust and to last for decades. But even the most state-of-the-art system can go wrong sometimes, leading to damage of property and assets, and risk of injury.

To avoid these inevitable hitches, fire alarms have to be regularly serviced, calibrated, maintained and generally well-cared for.

Complete Fire Solutions highlights the importance of proper fire alarm maintenance Leeds residents and those further afield can benefit from their sound advice based on years of successful experience.

Why do fire alarms need maintaining?

As with any electronic device, components can degrade and interrupt the system’s functionality; dirt and dust can reduce the efficacy of smoke detectors; accidental damage, vandalism or even remodelling can compromise your fire alarm system and render the whole thing ineffective. Fire alarm maintenance Leeds is a must.

When do fire alarms need maintaining?

Newer fire alarm systems shouldn’t need much in the way of maintenance; they should, however, still be regularly serviced and tested by a qualified specialist.

Older systems will need more frequent attention. Temperature levels, environmental humidity and voltage fluctuations can negatively affect the system, causing failure or problems.

The older the system, the more frequent and more attentive the maintenance and testing required: check the life expectancy of your system and consider installing a new one if it is no longer fully functional.

How to maintain your fire alarm system

Much of the maintenance needs to be done by an experienced professional: all alarm sensors must be calibrated and tested, as must annunciators. Batteries should be checked for corrosion and the connection to the fire service checked.

On a laymen’s level, any fire equipment should be kept clean and dry, and safe from impact or vandalism.

Contact Complete Fire Solutions for fire alarm maintenance Leeds, businesses and homeowners can benefit from, where you can find exemplary customer service, competitive pricing, fully stocked maintenance vehicles and a 24-hour callout system. Look no further for excellent fire alarm maintenance in Leeds and beyond.

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