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Advice on Fire Alarm Maintenance Pontefract

Fire alarm installation and testing is an essential part of all comprehensive fire safety management plans. It is also a requirement of all commercial properties, including offices, retail outlets and warehouses. Complete Fire Solutions, specialists in fire alarm maintenance Pontefract. Businesses and building owners regularly rely on to ensure their building complies with health and safety regulations and so that the occupants of the building are as safe as possible should a fire occur, provides advice on how to correctly test a fire alarm.

A quick, simple and effective testing of a fire alarm, should include:

Pressing and holding down the device’s ‘test’ button. When held down the test button should sound out. If it fails to sound out, the device is likely to need its battery replacing or might even be faulty and damaged.

You should make sure that the fire alarm sounds out is a loud and clear manner and for a long enough period. If the sound the device produces is ‘weak’, infrequent and does not sound out for long enough, it could be a sign that the battery is failing or that the device is faulty.

When testing the fire alarm, you should make sure there are no warning alarms flashing, which indicates the device has a low battery.

It is also important when testing a fire alarm that, if the alarm operates from the mains electricity, is has a backup battery installed. This is due to the fact that mains electrical supplies can fail in a fire and consequently a fire alarm that solely relies on mains electricity would fail to operate if it did not have a backup battery installed.

The testing of commercial fire alarms is a little more complicated and it is advised such testing and maintenance is carried out by a professional.

If you require quality and affordable fire alarm maintenance Pontefract, Complete Fire Solutions will carry out all your fire alarm testing and maintenance requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. Get in contact with the fire alarm maintenance Pontefract experts today.

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