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Choosing a Fire Alarm Service Bradford

A single fire alarm may be sufficient for a small residence, but offices and commercial buildings need a comprehensive sequence of equipment to detect a fire and cause an alert to be sounded.

As well as being a legal requirement for any non-domestic building under the 2005 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, a fire alarm system is essential to limit damage and injury in case of fire.

The best way to address this need is by seeking a fire alarm service Bradford residents and businesses nationwide should have a system designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned for safety and legality.

Complete Fire Solutions are in a perfect position to give advice and guidance on fire alarm systems, as they offer professional fire alarm service Bradford and beyond with 24-hour support.

Here are the main types of fire alarm system:


In-keeping with the cable-free contemporary trends, wireless fire alarm systems use license-free and secure radio communications to connect sensors and devices with controllers.


These fire alarm systems are zoned on separate circuits to allow pinpointing of the fire’s location. They are governed by a control panel with an alert facility and end of line device for each zone.


Similar to the conventional fire alarm system, the addressable system has the added benefit of displaying exactly which call point initiated the alarm on the control panel.

Analogue Addressable

Also known as intelligent fire alarm systems, the analogue addressable systems come in several different types that are determined by their intended use. More complex than addressable or conventional systems, analogue systems have one main advantage; they can significantly reduce the occurrence of false alarms.

It is of vital importance that commercial buildings be thoroughly evaluated and reviewed prior to the choice and design of a fire alarm system.

For a tailor-made fire alarm service Bradford businesses can use, designed specifically for your business’ circumstances, contact Complete Fire Solutions. Complete Fire Solutions take a methodical, expert and professional approach to fire alarm service Bradford commission, supply and installation to meet your individual needs.

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