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Complete Fire Solutions excel at providing businesses a top-quality Fire alarm service Manchester

The cost of fire damage to businesses does not only lie in the cost of restoration and the loss of business hours due to down-time. It can potentially have a knock-on effect with the loss of existing or future business contracts with clients needing to seek services elsewhere.

Ensuring staff safety and well-being is paramount to all UK businesses. Companies looking for a Fire alarm service Manchester, rely on the experienced and helpful team at Complete Fire Solutions for all their Fire alarm service requirements.

One System doesn’t fit all

Business premises in the UK come in all different sizes and have different aspects to their design. The interior architecture and nature of the business layout means that a thorough assessment is required to select the best systems and devices to use.

The three most commonly used Fire alarm systems in the UK are: Non-addressable (conventional), Addressable and Radio/Wireless.

Non-addressable – Uses Automatic Fire Detectors and Manual Call Point zones in specific parts of the building to locate the fire quickly. A system control panel then operates the alarm.

Addressable – These systems are more advanced and are more commonly used in larger installations. Each device in an Addressable system has its own ‘address’ to provide single point detection.

Radio/Wireless – Are made up of sounders, censors and beacons. The control panel and devices are connected through a secure wireless connection.

Complete Fire Solutions’ expertise in Fire alarm service Manchester businesses and homeowners can rely on, is much sought after by a diverse range of businesses. Their extensive knowledge in selecting the ideal system for different building designs ensures peace of mind for companies.

For the best fire alarm service Manchester, contact the friendly team at Complete Fire Solutions. Their expertise in advising, fitting and maintaining a fire alarm service Manchester businesses can depend on, is second to none and will give your company peace of mind that it is in the safest hands.

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