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Fire safety advice in the workplace

It’s a fact that most fires are preventable. By taking the necessary precautionary measures and maintaining fire safety at all times, those responsible for workplaces and other commercial buildings will remain compliant with fire health and safety regulations and will have peace of mind they are acting responsibility. Complete Fire Solutions, a fire alarm service Wakefield, businesses and building owners and managers use for fire equipment installation and maintenance, provides some fire safety advice in the workplace.

The UK government maps out several key criteria related to fire safety in the workplace.

According to the government’s fire safety advice for businesses, you are responsible for the fire safety in a business or other type of commercial or non-domestic premises, if you are an employer, the owner, the landlord, an occupier, or another person responsible for the upkeep of a building, such as a facilities manager, a risk accessor, or a building manager.

Fire risk assessment

It is the responsibility of the person accountable for safety of the building or workplace to carry out a fire risk assessment of the premises and that the fire risk assessment is reviewed regularly.

The fire risk assessment should include ensuring fire protection equipment, such as fire extinguishers and fire alarms, are installed in the correct places and are operating efficiently. For an efficient fire alarm service Wakefield clients can rely on, Complete Fire Solutions can supply, service, inspect and maintain fire alarms and other essential fire protection equipment.

As well as carrying out regularly fire risk assessments and reviews, those responsible for the health and safety of workspaces and non-domestic buildings must plan appropriately for an emergency, as well as providing staff with adequate fire safety instruction and training.

If you are responsible for the health and safety of a workplace or other non-domestic building and are looking for a fire alarm service Wakefield, commercial property owners can rely on, Complete Fire Solutions offers high quality fire alarm service inspection and maintenance. Get in contact with Complete Fire Solutions for all your fire alarm service Wakefield requirements.

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