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Fire Alarm Servicing Bradford

Alarming statistics show that each year the Fire and Rescue Service is called out to more than 600,000 fire emergencies. These fires in the home and in commercial property, result in more than 800 deaths and more than 17,000 injuries, annually. Official government figures indicate that we are more than twice as likely to die if a fire in our homes breaks out if we don’t have fire alarms fitted in our Bradford homes. Smoke alarms are vital in alerting us to smoke and continuously prove imperative in helping save lives. Furthermore, smoke alarms are inexpensive, easy to fit and widely available.

Though like every important appliance in our homes, fire alarms need to undergo regular servicing, inspected and maintained so they continue to work at their optimum.

Complete Fire Solutions, specialists in fire alarm servicing in Bradford, highlights the importance of fire alarm servicing.

Check the battery

With regular fire alarm servicing Bradford residents, or residents anywhere for that matter, will have peace of mind that the battery in their fire alarm has not gone dead and is working as it should.

A general rule of thumb is that a battery in a fire alarm is changed once a year, unless specified otherwise by the fire alarm manufacturer.

Clear the fire alarm of dust

Dust building up on the fire alarm’s sensors can negatively impact how well the alarm works and could even prevent it from working at all.

It is therefore important that dust and other debris build-ups are removed regularly in order to ensure the sensors carry on working as they should.

It is generally recommended that fire alarms are changed every ten years to ensure your home remains as safe an environment as possible, should a fire break out.

If you are looking for Fire alarm servicing Bradford residents and commercial property owners can rely on, Complete Fire Solutions offers high quality fire alarm service inspection and maintenance.

Get in contact with Complete Fire Solutions for all your fire alarm servicing Bradford requirements.

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