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Three Reasons to Service Your Fire Alarm Today

Fire alarms are the first line of defence against the costly and destructive results of even a minor conflagration. Having gone to the trouble of installing a fire alarm system, fire alarm servicing Leeds is absolutely essential to ensure that people and property are kept safe and sound in the event of a fire.

Complete Fire Solutions offer a full range of services to help prevent and fight fire; here they give us some importance advice on why fire alarm servicing in Leeds and across the country is an essential part of the battle against fire and its dangers.

1. Faults aren’t always obvious

You may think that a faulty fire alarm would be obvious; either in the appearance of the detection unit itself, or in the control panel if there is one. Although this is sometimes the case, in reality, a non-functioning fire alarm can appear whole and undamaged, but still not be operational. Dust, accidental damage and electrical faults can be invisible but still render your fire alarm useless. By fire alarm servicing Leeds homeowners and business owners are able to detect these insidious faults and fix them before they become serious risks.

2. It will cost you less in the long term

It can be tempting to allow the fire alarm servicing Leeds to go overdue when the purse strings are tight. But what seems like a money saving technique in the short term can become massively costly in the long term. If a fire were to break out and your system failed to operate, the costs are likely to run high. Smoke damage alone can ruin large areas in short order, leading to the necessity for expensive restoration work.

3. It’s a legal requirement

In British Standard 5839 part 1, the law states that regular checks and servicing of fire alarm systems are essential. How often this needs to happen depends to some extent on your risk assessment, but the periods between professional fire alarm servicing in Leeds and across the country should never exceed six months. Ignore this at your peril: if a fire does break out and your system hasn’t been serviced within the recommended period, it could invalidate your insurance, lead to expensive legal fees, or worse.

For reliable fire alarm systems and fire alarm servicing Leeds residents and business owners should contact Complete Fire Solutions. Offering services tailored to your individual needs, Complete Fire Solutions offer a friendly and reasonable service with no compromise on their rigorous levels of quality.

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