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What types of Fire Extinguishers should be provided for an Office?

Knowing what type of Fire extinguisher to have in each location throughout an office is essential.

Fires can start easily and unexpectedly. Businesses throughout the UK seek reassurances from fire safety experts – Complete Fire Solutions – that their organisation is well prepared for any fire-emergency.

Tragedy in Ghaziabad

A recent tragedy in Ghaziabad was reported in the Hindustan Times, where five employees died in a horrific office fire. In the article it is suggested that sufficient fire-safety equipment wasn’t provided on-site to be able to combat the blaze.

This tragic event serves as a powerful reminder of the devastation caused by fire and the necessity to have a sufficient number of fire extinguishers throughout business premises.

Organisations turn to Complete Fire Solutions when they seek a top-class Fire extinguisher service.

Huddersfield organisations find Complete Fire Solutions advice and expertise second-to-none when ensuring that – should a fire happen – they have the correct equipment in place to deal with a fire-emergency.

Office Suitable Fire Extinguishers

In the interest of having a suitable Fire extinguisher service Huddersfield businesses and other organisations throughout the UK, use three main types of Fire extinguisher for their office premises.

Water with Additive fire extinguishers, CO2 Fire extinguishers and Foam Fire extinguishers.

Water and Additive Fire extinguishers are required for solid-combustible fires. These include materials such as carpets, desks and curtains. Water and Additive Fire extinguishers have a special additive which makes them safe to use around electrical equipment.

Co2 does not conduct electricity, therefore Co2 Fire extinguishers are used to combat Fires caused by electrical equipment such as computers and stereos. These are the most common fires to happen in an office, largely due to over-loaded power points.

Foam Fire extinguishers are used for general office fire risks, such as waste paper bins, flammable liquids and other wood, paper and textile fire hazards. The foam quickly covers the fire to cool and suffocate it. Foam is a conductor of electricity and shouldn’t be used on electrical fires unless they have passed the electrical conductivity test.

Complete Fire Solutions are renowned for their outstanding Fire extinguisher service Huddersfield businesses, contact their friendly and knowledgeable team today to receive the most proficient and expert advice in fire extinguisher services. Contact Complete Fire Solutions today, for a complete fire extinguisher service Huddersfield businesses and homeowners can rely on.

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