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Which Fire Extinguisher Should I Use?

Fire extinguishers are a part of the furniture; ever present, but seldom noticeable. Despite its ordinariness, this inconspicuous piece of fire-fighting equipment saves lives; in fact, a 2002 study reviewed over 2100 fire incidents and found that in 80% of cases, a portable fire extinguisher successfully extinguished the fire.

The importance of using the correct type of fire extinguisher is paramount; incorrect usage could lead to the fire worsening, increasing risk of damage and loss of life.

Complete Fire Solutions, which offer a comprehensive and essential fire extinguisher service Manchester businesses and those further afield rely on, offer advice on which fire extinguishers should be used on which type of material.

Although it’s good to know which fire extinguisher is appropriate in each situation, evaluation and placement of fire extinguishers should always be carried out by a professional – by choosing a reliable and professional fire extinguisher service Manchester businesses and beyond can assure the safety of themselves and their employees.


Water fire extinguishers should only be used for Class A fires involving simple solids like plastic, wood and paper. They should never be used on fires involving flammable liquids or gases, or electrical apparatus, where they could cause the fire to spread.

CO 2

The CO 2 fire extinguisher is ideal for use on Class B and C fires involving flammable liquids or gases, or for fires where electricity is involved.


Powder fire extinguishers come in several different types, each suitable for a different class of fire. Between them, they can cover nearly the whole spectrum of fire variations and are sometimes referred to as the ‘multi-purpose’ extinguisher.


The foam fire extinguisher is safer to use on electrical fires than a water fire extinguisher, but this should still be avoided. It can also be used on flammable liquids.


There are a variety of specialist fire extinguishers made for specific and less common situations. Again, seek professional advice for a fire extinguisher service in Manchester to ensure that the correct rules are complied with.

For further advice on implementing a fire extinguisher service Manchester, contact Complete Fire Solutions. Offering the full range of fire services with a 24-hour callout service, Complete Fire Solutions will provide a professional fire extinguisher service Manchester to ensure that every precaution is taken for fire safety and security.

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