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Fire safety tips in the home

A fire can strike at any time, in any home. Whilst no property is completely immune from fires breaking out, there are certain safety measurements we can implement at home to help make our properties safer, should a fire break out. Complete Fire Solutions, a fire extinguisher service Ponterfract residents can contact for fire equipment maintenance and installation, highlight some essential safety tips in the home.

Install smoke/fire detectors

It’s a sad fact that most deaths from fires occur in the home though a lack of smoke detectors.

Having these simple to install and easy to maintain devices installed at home could save your life.

Fire Extinguisher Service Ponterfract

As well as smoke detectors, every home should have a fire extinguisher in the key areas, such as the kitchen, bedrooms, garage and workshop. Complete Fire Solutions, a fire extinguisher service Ponterfract residents can rely on for all the fire extinguisher requirements, recommend fire extinguisher owners education themselves on how to properly maintain their fire extinguishing equipment so it remains in optimum working order.

Escape exits

Each room of a home should ideally have at least two exits that can be used to escape in an emergency. If the room is located on the second storey or higher, ladders should be installed close to be window so they can be used in a fire emergency to ensure people can exit through the window safely.

Inform children about fire safety

If you have children at home, you should let them know about what should happen if a fire was to break out. Inform the whole family about issues such as the location you will all reunite should a fire occur and you have to use the emergency exits.

Remember all fire protection equipment needs to be correctly installed and fully maintained in order to remain effective. If you require a fire extinguisher service Ponterfract businesses and homeowners can contact Complete Fire Solutions, fire solutions specialists.

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