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The main types of fire extinguishers

Fires can take place in almost any environment and the differing causes of fire require specialist equipment that are specific to deal with each particular cause.

Using incorrect devices in certain fire-emergency situations can have catastrophic results. Electrical fires, cooking oil fires, fires caused by flammable liquids or gasses and combustible fires all require specialist fire extinguishers.

For quality and reliable fire extinguisher servicing Huddersfield, businesses depend on Complete Fire Solutions. Their team of highly trained experts provide a ‘complete service package with minimum fuss’ and offer a 24hr call out service for their clients.

A Fire extinguisher for each fire emergency cause

Complete Fire Solutions offer elite fire extinguisher servicing Huddersfield and supply the full range of fire extinguishers that are required for each fire-emergency situation:

Foam Fire extinguishers – Are safe if accidentally sprayed onto electrics although are not designed to combat electrical equipment fires. Foam Fire extinguishers are designed to be used on flammable liquids as well as wood paper and textiles.

Co2 extinguishers – Used for electrical equipment fires.

Powder Fire extinguishers – Can be used in most situations, although professional advice in selection is required due to changes in British Standard regulation BS5306-8:2012.

Wet Chemical Fire extinguishers – Used for Cooking oil fires.

Water Fire extinguishers – Designated to combat wood paper and textile fires.

A faulty fire extinguisher, is not a fire extinguisher

The importance of maintaining a fire extinguisher cannot be over-stated. The device needs to work when called upon. In case of a fire-emergency, companies like to have the peace of mind that they have the correct equipment, in the best locations and in full working order to ensure the safety of their premises and staff.

For those seeking top class fire extinguisher servicing Huddersfield building owners use the services of Complete Fire Solutions. They provide their expertise in ensuring that companies fire-safety measures comply with the latest Fire Safety regulations.

For the optimum in fire extinguisher servicing Huddersfield, contact the specialist and friendly team at Complete Fire Solutions. Their highly skilled team have vast experience in fire extinguisher servicing in Huddersfield.

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