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The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire extinguishers are an essential element of fire safety equipment. Given that the estimated cost in the UK for fire in 2008 was £8.3 billion, the importance of having the correct fire extinguishers in residential or commercial premises is paramount.

And to maintain them in full working order so that they can prevent a minor fire from turning into a major conflagration, fire extinguisher servicing in Leeds and beyond is absolutely crucial.

Complete Fire Solutions, fire alarm servicing Leeds and nationwide building owners rely on for all their fire equipment servicing, offer some key advice on the importance of making sure that your fire extinguishers are fully functional.

There are two elements to fire extinguisher servicing Leeds: user inspection carried out by the layman on a regular basis, and professional servicing.

User Inspection

The British Standard 5306-3:2000 describes user maintenance of fire extinguishers, and suggests that:

“Regular visual inspections of all portable fire extinguishers be carried out by the user or user’s representative. The frequency of inspections by the user should be not less than monthly and, when circumstances require, inspections should be carried out more frequently”.

User inspections should include checks that fire extinguishers are:

  • Positioned in the locations recommended by the professional who installed them
  • Labelled with clear and legible instructions for use
  • Positioned with the instructions facing outwards and clearly visible
  • Positioned in an area free from obstructions for easy and quick access
  • Showing a reading within the recommended range for pressure gauges or any other indicators
  • Not obviously damaged or tampered with in any way
  • Equipped with seals and tamper indicators which are intact and fully functional.

Professional Servicing

Although user inspection is an important component of maintenance, professional fire extinguisher servicing in Bradford and globally is essential for these important pieces of equipment to be ready to play their roles in fighting fires.

Professional servicing should take place annually, with an extended service every five years for water, foam and powder extinguishers, and every ten years for CO2 extinguishers.

If you’re looking for reliable, professional and reasonably priced fire extinguisher servicing Leeds, business owners and residents should contact Complete Fire Solutions.

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