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Emergency Lighting

In accordance with The Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005, emergency lighting should be installed and maintained to BS5266 2011 (BS EN 1838:2013).

These regulations state that in the event that the normal /primary lighting failure, emergency lighting should automatically turn on to avoid panic and to allow safe egress avoiding trip hazards from any working area.

This lighting must provide illumination along a clear and unambiguous escape route. To allow safe movement towards, through and beyond the emergency exits to a place of safety.

Fire alarm call points, first aid points and firefighting equipment must all be clearly visible.

If you require assistance with any of your emergency lighting requirements Complete Fire Solutions and our team of experienced technicians can be called upon to solve any issues you may have.

We can supply and install a wide range of emergency light fittings.

Many of our customers are gradually changing their light fittings to the power saving LED fittings.

These fittings are not just more economical from the electrical consumption point of view but also due to the extended life of LED’s (in the region of 40,000 hours) they also save the considerable cost of regular re-lamping.

If you have any queries at all regarding your emergency lighting please do not hesitate to contact us.

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