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Annual servicing.

Annually all emergency lights require a full duration discharge test.

If automatic testing devices are used, the results of the full duration test shall be recoded.

For all other systems the monthly inspection shall be carried out and the following additional tests made:

  • Each luminaire and internally illuminated sign shall be tested as per monthly but for its full rated duration (usually three hours).
  • The supply of the normal lighting shall be restored and any indicator lamp or device checked to ensure that it is showing that normal supply has been restored.
  • The date of the test and its results shall be recorded in the log book.

Any remedial works arising from the annual test should be carried out as soon as possible.

Monthly tests.

On a monthly basis you are responsible for carrying out and recording in a log book a short duration test. This can be achieved either by failing the lighting breakers on the mains distribution board or by operating test key switches (if fitted).

During this check, all luminaires and signs should be clean and functioning correctly. At the end of the test all mains indicators should be checked to ensure that the mains has been reinstated to all fittings. This signifies that the internal charger will now be charging the batteries.

Any lamps that are blackened/ dim or units that totally fail should be replaced as soon as possible.

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