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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are an important part of your building Fire strategy.

It is important that the fire extinguishers that you put into your premises are not only the correct type but more importantly that they are in the correct position should either your self or your employees ever need to use them.

Complete Fire Solutions Ltd team of Technicians are fully trained under the BAFE ST104 approved technicians scheme. As such they fully understand how to ensure that you comply with the requirements under BS5306.

This ensures that from the outset of your building we can address all the risks and ensure that you have the correct amount and types of fire extinguishers throughout your building. and then through a Complete Fire Solutions maintenance agreement we will ensure that these Fire Extinguishers are maintained at the prescribed intervals and fit for purpose should they ever be required to be used and should your building design or use ever change then we will be there to assist you in looking after your needs.

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